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Made locally in Australia — Tested on family & friends not animals!

Myrtle & Moss was launched in late 2010 with a stylish, scented botanical skincare range.


The range is sought after by a strong following of customers and retailers who delight in the scents achieved by the finest essential oil blends like Bergamot Rind from Calabria in Italy, Egyptian Geranium Leaf Oil and Lemon Myrtle from northern New South Wales.


Since its inception the singular desire has been to create an ‘incidental sensory delight’ as the products not only look, but feel and smell superlative.

The stylish packaging and attention to detail ensures the range looks stunning in the retail environment, as well as co-ordinates with ‘style savvy’ bathrooms creating the ultimate bathroom accessory.


Myrtle & Moss is stocked throughout Australia in over 300 unique designer stores, where there are always samples available to trial the sublime scents.


At Myrtle & Moss we like to think our range is being used in a lifestyle that includes plenty of fresh flowers, coffee with girlfriends and a nice glass of wine!

No harsh chemicals, parabens or SLS are used in the blending of the range.


We are proudly made in Melbourne.

Yes! We don’t use any animal products in our products! All our ingredients are
100% botanical and natural.

Large Soy Wax Candle burn time 50 hours.
Mini Candle burn time 16 hours.
Ensure you trim your wick each time to ensure the best scent throw and longevity
of your candle.

The Myrtle & Moss range is scented using the finest essential oils. We have
worked hard to source the best quality oils from around the world. Our Bergamot
Essential Oil is sourced from the rugged coast in Calabria, Italy where as our
Lemon Myrtle is from a lovely grower in New South Wales.

125ml Essential Oil Diffuser 3 months.
250ml Essential Oil Diffuser 6 months.

Our bottles and glassware are all recyclable.

Yes we do email with what you’d like and the
shipping address – we’ll advise back the freight and payment details.

Refer to the instructions on the website under ‘Diffusers‘.